European Elections

European Elections

Educate. Empower. Vote.

Taking place from 6-9 June, the European elections are an opportunity for citizens of the European Union to elect their representatives as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). 

As a European university alliance, CIVICA is passionate about engaging our students, researchers, staff and civil society on EU matters. Our goal is to enhance active civic engagement and strengthen community identity among CIVICA members, both EU and non-EU nationals. 

Over the next few months, our partner institutions have planned various events, activities and publications in the lead up to the European elections. 

Check out what is available and get involved!

What to attend


The 2024 European elections and the challenges ahead

6 June 2024, 7:30-9pm CEST | Hybrid @LSE

The 2024 European Parliament elections promise to be a pivotal moment for the European Union. Polling suggests Eurosceptic parties could make large gains, fundamentally shifting the balance of power within the Parliament. But will these predictions come true? And what impact will the results have on key issues such as the EU’s approach to climate change, migration and the wars in Gaza and Ukraine?

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A year of elections: power and politics in 2024 | LSE Festival

10 June 2024, 7:30 - 8:45pm CEST | @LSE

This year people around the world are going to the polls. What have been the surprises and takeaways from election results so far, and what is still to come? This panel will explore some of the issues coming to the fore in this bumper year for politics as well as the implications of key outcomes. 

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    Europe at a crossroads: Looking back to move forward

    10 - 11 June | @Hertie School

    This event seeks to explore how Europe must address the twin challenge of polarisation of society and geopolitical fragmentation. Moreover, we ask what role higher education and research and academic freedom can play in the context of internal and external challenges.

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    Voting rules vary slightly per country. The elections run from 6-9 June 2024, but each EU member state has set it's own specific day to vote within these dates. Some countries require registration to vote, while others don't. 

    Check out these informative resources on how to vote in your country developed by the European Commission. 

    What to learn

    Podcast | EU integration history

    This podcast hosts the episodes created by students of the CIVICA Engage course "History of European Integration" course at Bocconi University.

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    Understanding the EU Elections With Sciences Po

    Sciences Po has taken on the responsibility of helping citizens to understand the issues at stake in the European elections by providing analysis, conferences, debates, and meetings with the various French candidates.

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    EU & I: Voting Advice Application

    The multilingual Voting Advice Application, developed by EUI, was built by academics to help citizens make an informed choice in the 2024 European Parliament elections. Your vision, our science.

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    Poland in the EU. 20 Years of Membership: Experiences and Forecasts.

    This is the fifth annual report of the Department on the evolution of relations between Poland and other EU Member States. This report explores the issues that are most relevant to Poland’s integration within the European Union. 

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    EU Elections explainer: What are they and why do they matter?

    The EU elections are one of the world’s largest democratic events, but many of those eligible to vote struggle to understand the specific issues and positions at stake. IE University takes a look at what the European Parliament actually is, how it is elected, and why it matters.

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    Lobbying the EU: How Corporations Shape EU Policies in an Electoral Year

    Do firms gain from lobbying at the European level? And, if they gain something, what do they exactly get? Which role do European companies and their lobbyists play in European elections? 

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    What to read

    The State of the Union 2024, "no country alone can deal with the challenges ahead"

    The 14th edition of The State of the Union conference, hosted by the EUI, gathered distinguished scholars, policymakers, and world-renowned experts to discuss the most pressing issues facing the continent in the run-up to the European elections.

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    EU Elections: CIVICA students advocate for youth quotas at the European Parliament

    We spoke to two students taking part in a Dual Master's degree from Sciences Po and Bocconi University about their experience taking part in the futurEU competition.

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    Resources from the Jacques Delors Centre

    The Jacques Delors Centre brings you everything you need to know in the run-up to the European elections 2024 - from Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

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    Poland’s integration with the EU: Economic, regulatory, and political perspectives

    Professor Artur Nowak-Far, Department of European Integration and Legal Studies, SGH Collegium of World Economy, writes about Poland's integration within the European Union.

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    LSE Blog | European Politics and Policy

    European Politics and Policy is a multidisciplinary academic blog run by LSE. The central aim is to increase public understanding of European politics and policy by providing accessible academic commentary and research. 

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    EU elections: Simon Hix predicts 'A sharp right turn'

    Simon Hix, Stein Rokkan Chair in Comparative Politics at the EUI, discusses the findings of his recent study, published by the European Council of Foreign Relations, on the upcoming 2024 EU elections.

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    Hear from our Ambassadors

    EU quiz

    Think you know everything about the EU elections? Test your knowledge with this quiz, and hear from our Ambassadors about the voting process!

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    CIVICA Ambassadors

    Check out the Europe Day video created by our Ambassadors, and keep up to date with what our students are up to!

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