Multi-campus courses

Multi-campus courses

The CIVICA multi-campus courses, designed and taught jointly by teams of professors from the alliance, represent a flagship initiative of CIVICA for master’s students offering interdisciplinary approaches and cross-cultural perspectives as well as the opportunity to work, study and interact in a trans-European setting.

The format at a glance

  • Flagship initiative
    An innovative format for graduate students within the CIVICA alliance, coordinated by Bocconi University.

  • Collaborative academic design
    Jointly developed and delivered by teams of professors from various partner institutions within the alliance.

  • Synchronous online learning experience with flexible access
    Lessons are delivered synchronously online across all CIVICA campuses in a unified slot each week. To accommodate differing academic calendars, all lectures are also recorded and available for asynchronous access.

  • Local content
    Additional local lectures or in presence activities organised at each campus complement the common part of the course.

  • Transnational teamwork & capstone project
    Beyond lectures, the course promotes cross-country and interdisciplinary teamwork, leading to a final capstone project in the second part of the course carried out under the supervision of faculty members from the alliance.

CIVICA Multicampus Courses

  • The Future of Europe - Fall Semester
    The course aims to critically explore the main European policy challenges through an innovative format: a series of live online lectures grouped in thematic modules and integrated with local activities. Additionally, the course spurs students to work in transnational teams to complete a capstone assignment: develop policy solutions to EU-relevant policy problems. Find out more >>

  • The Road to the Green Transition – Spring Semester
    The course critically explores the main policy challenges in achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as called for in the Paris Agreement. Special emphasis is placed on the role of economic policy, the role of the private sector, and the multi-level politics behind the green transition. Additionally, the course spurs students to work in transnational teams to complete a final capstone assignment in the form of a Podcast related to climate policy challenges. Find out more >>


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