Joint master's courses

Joint master's courses

The Joint Courses represent a cornerstone initiative within the CIVICA alliance. Specifically tailored for master's students, these courses offer a unique educational experience that transcends national and disciplinary boundaries and incorporates digital/blended learning elements.

CIVICA's Joint Courses: Format at a Glance

  • Collaborative teaching
    In CIVICA's joint master's courses, faculty from two (or more) CIVICA member universities co-design and co-teach a course to students in their respective institutions, providing students with diverse perspectives and expertise.

  • Shared curriculum design
    The cornerstone of the Joint Courses is the development of a joint curriculum. This includes a shared syllabus and materials meticulously crafted to ensure a cohesive learning experience. The curriculum aims not just to educate but to inspire, fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter from multiple viewpoints.

  • Engaging student interaction
    A distinctive feature of these courses is the emphasis on cross-interaction between student groups from the participating institutions. Through debates, group assignments, and other collaborative activities, students are encouraged to engage with their peers, enriching their educational journey with international perspectives.

  • Flexible delivery
    Joint Courses may be delivered either synchronously or asynchronously, based on the agreement of the two partner institutions involved. This adaptability ensures that pedagogical and organisational needs are met, providing an optimal learning environment for all involved.

Overview of course offerings

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Photo credit: Marta Nascimento/Sciences Po and Svenja Krüger/Hertie School