Open Science

Open Science

The main goal of the Open Science initiative under CIVICA Research is to establish a flexible and inclusive framework for the promotion and facilitation of Open Science practices within the Social Sciences. CIVICA member institutions work together on a common ambitious action plan which aims to build and sustain a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to Open Science in the social sciences and to strengthen Open Social Science practices within and across the alliance.

This initiative is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, under the chapter “Science with and for Society.” Project activities will be rolled out in 2021–2023 and will enhance the education dimension of CIVICA - The European University of Social Sciences.

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Recent trainings

  • Choosing Open Access Publishing: The Key Issues
    15 September (12:00pm CEST)
    Webinar hosted by Sciences Po
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Webinar @Sciences Po
27 September (12:00pm CEST)

Key speaker: Lou Safra, Assistant Professor in Political Psychology for CEVIPOF at Sciences Po

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