CIVICA Research Excellence Tours

CIVICA Research Excellence Tours

The Excellence Tours organised under CIVICA Research aims to assert the scientific identity of the CIVICA alliance within the global academic community. 

Leading scholars are invited on a ‘tour’ whereby they give seminars and/or workshops across several CIVICA institutions. These events allow scholars to present their research, share their expertise, and meet with faculty and early-stage researchers at the host institutions. 

Scholars are selected by CIVICA’s thematic research teams and come from different disciplines to present on a topic related to CIVICA's four focus areas:

  • Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth
  • Democracy in the 21st Century
  • Europe Revisited
  • Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

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Upcoming Excellence Tour

"Nuclear Weapons Choices Governing Vulnerabilities Between Past and Future" with Dr Benoît Pelopidas, chair of excellence in security studies at CERI (Sciences Po).

  • Tuesday, 17 January 2023
    Hosted by Uppsala University
  • Wednesday, 18 January 2023 12pm | Hybrid
    Hosted by the Stockholm School of Economics
  • Thursday, 19 January 2023
    Hosted by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
  • Wednesday, 1 March 2023 3:30pm | Hybrid
    Hosted by Central European University
  • Friday, 3 March 2023 10am | Hybrid 
    Hosted by the Hertie School 

Excellence Tours in the series

"Familiarity with the political role of ethnic minorities reduces voter bias against candidates of immigrant origin" with Dr. Julia Schulte-Cloos, Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the EUI.

Governance for transformative change: Lessons from the EU’s sustainability transition