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CIVICA Research gathers experts from the eight-member CIVICA alliance to contribute knowledge and solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.
This blog brings you their latest research in an accessible format as well as news from our joint research initiatives.

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Assorted-color yard threads, Credit Omar Flores Unsplash

Winners of third CIVICA Research call announced

Eleven collaborative projects selected for funding to address CIVICA’s four core themes.

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Valentina Bosetti, Bocconi University and Silvia Pianta, EUI
Societies in Transition, Crises of Earth

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what climate we’ll have

As part of the CIVICA Research STEADFAST project, Valentina Bosetti (Bocconi University) and Silvia Pianta (EUI), jointly with Elina Brutschin (IIASA), are investigating the role of changing dietary habits in mitigating global warming.

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Nicoletta Balbo, Bocconi University
Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

Twitter reveals our emotions throughout the pandemic

The EmoMap project, coordinated by Nicoletta Balbo, brings together scholars from Bocconi University, Hertie School and CEU to analyse the formation and evolution of emotions during such a stressful time.

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