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Democracy in the 21st Century

Unveiling Democratic Crises: Insights from CIVICA Historians

The CIVICA collaborative research project, "DEMOS: Democracy and Its Discontents. A Historical Examination of the Current Predicament of Democracy” (2021-2023) has brought together history centres and departments from five members of the CIVICA alliance. In an interview with Mario del Pero, Professor of International History at Sciences Po and project coordinator, we delved into the evolution of DEMOS over the past few years.

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Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences

What does private sector involvement in government digitalisation mean for public values?

Governments across Europe are pursuing a range of digitalisation projects to improve the provision of public services. But as Jessica Breaugh, Gerhard Hammerschmid, Maike Rackwitz and Ridhima Singh note, the involvement of private companies in this process raises important questions about the potential impact on public values.

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Scanning Social Networks to Understand Political Polarisation and Fake News

The outcomes of the EPO-WG project, funded by CIVICA Research, do not end with the study of political polarisation in Europe; a new network of computational social scientists is also emerging.

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Hertie School co-launches research project ReLiCon

Postdoc Ivo Gruev to lead the CIVICA-funded study examining democratic backsliding in East Central Europe.

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