European Week 2022

CIVICA European Week 2022

  • Are you drawn to social engagement?
  • Are you eager to work with international peers?
  • Do you like to learn through projects and interaction?

If you are a yes-person here, the CIVICA European Week is something for you.

At a glance

The CIVICA European Week is both a stand-alone learning event and a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track, a newly launched bachelor experience open to eligible students at the four participating universities:

  • Bocconi University, Italy 
  • Sciences Po, France
  • Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Reasons for you to participate

  • highlight your commitment to civic issues
  • do good together with fellow students from all over Europe
  • have access to some of the best teaching institutions in Europe
  • engage in field work, coaching, guest lectures, group work and experience sharing

European Week 2022

The European Week 2022 took place on 20-24 June and was hosted in presence by Bocconi University in Milan.


  • 40 bachelor students from Bocconi, Sciences Po, SSE and LSE
  • Expert lecturers from the participating universities
  • Partner organisations working within the sports ecosystem: Inter Campus, Alessio Tavecchio Onlus Foundation, Fondazione Milano-Cortina 2026, "Allenarsi per il futuro" - Bosch Italia

Topic of European Week 2022: Sport and social impact

  • Sport encourages a healthy lifestyle, fosters and promotes integrity and social cohesion as well as a shared sense of belonging.

  • Sport is also an essential part of the European identity and an integral part of the economy, employing millions of European citizens.

  • The CIVICA European Week 2022 aimed to raise students’ understanding and awareness of the pivotal role of sport and of its social impact on individuals, communities and the society as a whole.

  • Through engagement and intercation with local partner organisations, participants had the chance to fully grasp the power of sport in fostering and improving social development, inclusion and advancement both at the individual and community level, while understanding the typical dynamics of sports business and management.

The learning experience

  • Five days of intense and immersive learning and engagement with external stakeholders and partner organisations, guided by a team of instructors and tutors

  • Projects and assignments to develop in teams with other international students with diverse expertise and backgrounds

  • Visits and meetings with sport clubs, foundations and NGOs based in the Milan area and in Italy

  • Social and networking activities

The programme

  • Day 1: Welcome & introduction; lectures “The value and values of Sport”, “Assets and outcomesof sporting organizations”, “The social impacts of Sport”; Visit & Play at Bocconi Sports Center
  • Day 2 "Sport and Education": Project Work with Inter Campus; Global Policy Forum session: “Refugees In An (Un)Fair World”
  • Day 3 "Sport and inclusion": “Sport Without Barriers” and Project Work with Alessio Tavecchio Onlus; meeting with Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026
  • Day 4 "Sport and careers": Project work with Allenarsi per il futuro – Bosch Italia; Ambassador interview; takeaways and key messages
  • Day 5: Visit at San Siro Stadium; visit at Sport Photography Museum

Download the detailed programme here>>

Expert lecturers

  • Dino Ruta
  • Chiara Bigotto
  • Luca Antonelli

Dino Ruta is a Professor of Practice of Sport Management and Leadership at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Bocconi University. His research is focused on people strategy, leadership and sports management. He is also an Affiliate Professor at Columbia University, where he has taught International Sports Management since 2015. Dino is the Scientific Director of the FIFA International Master in Humanities, Management and Law of Sports, and Leader of the Sports Knowledge Center at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

After receiving an MSc in Management from Bocconi University, Dino obtained a PhD in Business Administration at the University of Bologna. He is also the Academic Director of the Diploma Programmes delivered by Josoor Institute (Qatar). He is an Academic Advisor for the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) in New York (USA) and the executive mentor of Javier Zanetti.

Chiara Bigotto is a Junior Fellow in Event Organization and Sport Management and she carries out her activities at the Sport Knowledge Center of SDA Bocconi. Within the Sport Knowledge Center, she acts as Coordinator of the Diploma Programs in Sports Management and Major Events Management in partnership with Josoor Institute in Doha (Qatar) and she collaborates to the ideation and management of the initiatives and events of the Topic Sport of the Bocconi Alumni Association (BAC).

Her research activities are mainly focused on topics of major events management (sports and entertainment) and on the concept of sport as a tool for psychophysical well-being and social inclusion. Chiara earned the Master of Science in Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment from Bocconi University in 2016. She was Event Manager at Consorzio Vero Volley Monza from 2017 to 2020.

Luca Antonelli is Junior Fellow of Marketing Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management and member of the SDA Bocconi Sport Knowledge Center. His research activities are mainly focused on Sport Marketing. At SDA Bocconi, he is Community Manager of many Open Executive Courses in the Marketing & Sales Area. Within the Sport Knowledge Center, he is Academic Coordinator of the FIFA Master - International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, and Content Manager of the SDA Bocconi Diploma Programmes in Sport Management and Major Event Management for the Josoor Institute in Qatar.

In 2019, Luca was Academic Coordinator of the International Business Academy (IBA) - Branding in The Global Economy in collaboration with NBPA. He earned a MSc in Marketing Management from Bocconi University.

Partner organisations

  • Allenarsi per il Futuro
  • Fondazione Alessio Tavecchio
  • Fondazione Milano-Cortina 2026
  • Inter Campus

Allenarsi per il Futuro is a project against youth unemployment, designed by Bosch Italia in collaboration with Randstad and other companies, organisations and institutions throughout Italy. The goal is to guide young people to their future by offering pathways of soft skills and orientation and opportunities for school-to-work alternation, through the method of sport: passion, commitment, responsibility and above all training.

Among the initiatives, there are the Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation (in Italian, “Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l'Orientamento”), allowing students to gain direct experience in dealing with the professional world through orientation meetings and school-to-work alternation internships that allow direct contact with the world of work. Up to date, figure amount to 1,821 visited schools, over 405,900 pupils met and 4,850 activated internships.

Fondazione Onlus Alessio Tavecchio was established on 23 July 1998, obtaining legal recognition by Ministerial Decree on 14 November 2000. Everything started with a dream: to create a Multipurpose Integrated Residential, Training and Sports Center for people with disabilities, open to everyone. Today it has been possible to transform this dream into an extraordinary new reality that is taking root in Monza and foresees significant developments for the benefit of every citizen: the Agriparco Solidale Accolti e Raccolti.

Moreover, the Foundation operates in the area with various other social projects and activities promoting awareness and inclusiveness, as in the case of transportation services dedicated to citizens with disabilities and the elderly. Alessio Tavecchio, President of the Foundation, miraculously survived eight days in a coma following a motorcycle accident at the age of 23, suffering an irreversible spinal cord injury that forces him into a wheelchair. Today Alessio is heavily involved in communication and fundraising activities to implement many important projects.

Fondazione Milano-Cortina 2026 was established on 9 December 2019 in anticipation of the 25th Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026. In compliance with the Olympic Charter and the Code of Ethics of the IOC, the Foundation is responsible to carry out all activities related to the organisation, promotion and communication of related sports and cultural events.

The Milano-Cortina 2026 Games are dedicated to a new generation to be inspired through fundamental and valuable principles, like determination, engagement, legacy, respect and sustainability. The President of Foundation and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Giovanni Malagò. The CEO of the Foundation, as well as Chairman of the Management Committee, is Vincenzo Novari. Also part of the Management Committee are Diana Bianchedi, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in fencing, and Flavia Scarpellini.

Inter Campus is a social project run by FC Internazionale. Founded by the club's former President Massimo Moratti, since 1997 Inter Campus has given back the Right To Play to thousands of children in need, using the values of sport and the game of football as an educational tool. Inter Campus contributes to the development of the local communities, supporting educational, social and sanitary protection programs carried out by local partners. Moreover, Inter Campus promotes social integration among diverse ethnic groups and cultures. Active across four continents, the programme constantly involves thousands of boys and girls aged from 6 to 13, as well as hundreds of educators and local volunteers.

Due to its social commitment through football, Inter Campus has been invited several times to the United Nations, as a role model in terms of sport values adoption in deprived context and for people in need. The current President of Inter Campus is Carlotta Moratti.

    More information about the European Week

    Please contact your home university for more information about the European Week.

    Photo credits to Bocconi University

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