PhD Clinic - The CIVICA Researcher Directory

PhD Clinic - The CIVICA Researcher Directory

The CIVICA Researcher Directory serves as a forum where researchers can effortlessly identify and contact faculty members at CIVICA partner universities whose expertise is relevant to their specific areas of research. This interactive hub fosters safe and seamless communication between early-stage researchers (ESRs) and faculty members across our CIVICA alliance, providing a platform for seeking guidance, and forging valuable connections.

 Safe & direct access

Access the platform with ease and security—no registration or sharing of sensitive information required. Simply log in using your university account. Our platform seamlessly integrates data from all partner institutions, providing a secure and convenient user experience.

 Streamlined expertise

Discover the right academic expertise swiftly with our advanced filtering system. The PhD Clinic helps you narrow your search to find specialists in specific disciplines within the CIVICA network. Save time and connect directly with distinguished academics to support your research endeavors.

 Seamless interaction

The PhD Clinic is more than a platform; it's a community. Engage directly with researchers and faculty members, facilitating a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. Receive personalized guidance and gain valuable insights, enhancing your research and fostering mutual growth.

How to access the platform?

Open an incognito window in your browser and visit You can log in simply using your university credentials. Click on “CIVICA PhD Clinic” in the upper-right corner and once inside, you will unlock a pool of expertise at your fingertips, knowing that your interactions are protected and exclusive to the CIVICA research community.

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